I sometimes have these crazy ideas. There’s one I’ve been playing with for a while. Say you and a stranger pretend to be in love for 30 days. Do you think you’d start to actually develop feelings? Like if you both initially found each other attractive and what not? And for 30 days you ate meals together and had honest meaningful conversations? What would happen? I want to play but how to ask someone to play this strange game with me hasn’t came to me yet.


It takes a lot of energy and effort to simply not be a part of abusive relationships but I’m doing it. Sometimes I’m on an island and sometimes there’s a friend in a boat waving a white flag and approaching slowly. I often wonder how this trust/ don’t trust process became such a tight process and then I remember the snake bites and poisoned waters and unsafe spaces transformed by the people I’ve loved. The people I still love but can’t with. So cheers JerVae, you’re doing a good thing. Fuck the bullshit 4everz. xo.


What are your thoughts on this phrase?

"If you are a minority, you should be the best representation of that minority."

I think the term minority is a very degrading term and I think it’s a very oppressive statement. Why should anybody need to best represent a group of people? To please who? It’s mainly the people in power that are controlling images of these people for their own comfort and amusement. If you are part of “the majority” you should work on allowing people to best represent theirselves however they please without trying to also control the way people live their lives. What’s next are the statements that suggest these “minorities” have earned the way that they are treated based on their behavior. These statements ignore the fact that the oppressive majority constructs and perpetuates caricatures of the people they oppress.


Who you calling cootie queen? You LINT LICKER

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Best commercial ever.

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