This movie is going to be good… and you are going to cry your fucking eyes out.


The last time I sang the audience was begging me to sing. I didn’t want to sing because I was there to paint and I wanted to do well at that. But I sang, I took the mic and I sat on the edge of the stage with my legs open and gave them all the sex I had inside of me. My voice was crisp. It was weird. I hadn’t expected to sing that well. I was almost afraid earlier that my voice was shrinking inside of me. But not this night, it was tall and clear and bottom heavy. It was sexy. I felt sexy which was new for me in this way. It’s like I had let go and I was flying. I got a rush. Love was bouncing back from me to them to me to them. So many thank yous and hugs and smiles and winks… I honestly don’t know what it all means. Such a heightened moment and then back down to Earth and my tiny studio full of half empty paint bottles. God, what am I? Send help.